Educational Performance Programme (EPP)

It is common for students to latch onto their weaknesses rather than their talents and strengths and they can become easily discouraged by negative criticism. I teach techniques, life skills, to alter this negative thinking to positive and to give students simple coping strategies to reduce anxiety and ultimately perform at their very best. These skills also help to improve their emotional well-being which in turn can positively impact their mental health.


What exactly is Stress?

Stress is a necessary, innate/natural part of our survival instinct and physiological make up; it motivates us to take action to keep us safe or to keep reaching just that bit further to achieve our dreams and aspirations; it’s the ‘fuel’ that propels us.

Stress only becomes a problem when the physiological and physical symptoms build up in our body without being released and as a result starts to negatively impact our: memory, concentration, emotions, thinking abilities, health, our overall wellbeing and eventually our mental health.

What is Emotional Intelligence(EI)?

EI is the ability to recognise and understand your emotions and those of others; the ability to use that information to guide your thoughts and actions; the ability to empathise (and therefore build better, successful relationships).


Weight control is about much more than food, just as we cannot have a nutritious meal with only one type of food so too our bodies need to have a range of components to perform at it's best - nutritious food,  good sleep, exercise and  emotional well-being This programme will help you to better understand the mind/body connection which is vital for change and overall wellbeing.


Excelling at sports whether individual or team ones requires not only great techniques and skills but also the right mindset -  attributes such as resilience,  self-control, balance, the ability to stay calm and focused. 

The hypnosis meets sports programme will equip you with simple, effective  tools to tap into your unlimited source to be the very best sports person that you can be. 

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 "My Time to S.U.R.B.  A Daily Journal to Nurture Balance"

‘How Switching Off can make you feel more Connected’

Being ‘switched on’ 24/7 to all kinds of connected technology and social media such as Snapchat and Instagram, is now the norm especially for young adults and many children and seems almost as vital as breathing. But with the increasing publicity showing the huge rise in anxiety and stress levels in these same groups, maybe it’s time to look at some alternative ways of connecting  which can also help to reduce some of this excess stress and anxiety. This new journal  introduces some simple, effective practices that much research has shown  can  help to reduce stress and nurture emotional well-being.


Treat yourself or a friend to a gift that encourages  'me time' to relax, breathe, reflect and re-charge.

The basket contains: a Guided Journal, Oil Burner, Candles and Essential Oil.


Learn techniques to improve your performance in different  areas of your life  by using simple effective tools  including: visualisation and deep relaxation.

Stress Management through E.I.

Start reducing your excess stress levels within a few days of utilising some of the techniques in this 4 week  programme.

Weight Control - the 4 point N.E.S.S Approach

Take control of your destination (destiny) by understanding your unique needs.