What Our Clients are saying 

Educational Performance Programme (EPP)

'I definitely feel calmer about my exams. I would recommend this programme as you get lots of techniques to use.

Year 6 pupil, Letchworth.

'My daughter is doing really well, thank you. She is using the techniques she's learnt and is flourishing.'

Parent of Year 6 pupil.

 ' The techniques and tools learnt on the EPP have helped me to feel calmer about my exams;

 I feel more in control'

'I now feel that I have the skills to perform at my best in exam situations'

  'The techniques taught helps me to feel calm as most people become more stressed  in exams.'

'It helped me to feel more encouraged.'

'Thank you for teaching me  how to deal with this (stress of exams)' 

Priory School Hitchin pupils

' I feel much calmer now as I'm more aware of what I can control.

The various techniques learnt have also helped me to ease my stress not just around exams but in everyday life'

Year 11 student, Letchworth 

'I feel more in control and definitely feel calmer about my exams. 

I would recommend this programme because you get lots of techniques to use.'

Year 6 pupil, Letchworth

Self help journal - My Time to S.U.R.B.

‘My daughter took part in the pilot of this journal and having read through it I decided to follow along as well. We found that it helped us to connect with each other more also when my daughter chose to share some of her thoughts from her pages, I understood much better the pressures she has been feeling from the need to perform well in school exams, sports and at home’ – Di, South London.

‘I think the booklet would be a very useful tool for adolescents and older children in primary schools.  It would help them focus on something positive and recognise strengths and qualities that they can nurture while being more inclusive and respectful of others (and let's face it this society needs a bit of that at the moment).  – Luisa, Lead School Counsellor, North London.

‘It has helped me to try to listen more to my mum and sometimes think what I can do to help someone else’ – Kai, London.

‘After using the journal for just the first couple of weeks I find myself giving more thought to the kind of person I want to become and how I can help myself to become that person. I also love the feature of quotes throughout the journal’ – Katy, Essex

'I really looked forward to writing in my journal at the end of every day' 12 year old North London

'It was good to switch off and relax and  be able to write down how I felt on some days'  13 year old Camden, London

'This journal  really helped me  keep sane when faced with an important  final interview, a new job  and  another  very stressful event in the space of a few days.'  27 year old London

Stress Management Through Emotional Intelligence

 'After the group  introductory presentation, I came away with practical steps to start making changes to achieve my resolve to exercise each day'

' I could see straightaway that my teenage daughter could benefit from a programme like this to help her stay calmer and focused'

Beauty Salon staff, Letchworth, Herts.

'I now feel I have the tools to help me achieve my goals. I feel calmer about any challenges'

'I would recommend this programme as it has helped my daughter in loads of ways that I couldn't.'

Year 6 pupil, and parent Letchworth

'I  am now more aware of how my thoughts affect the  way I feel and how to deal  with negative thoughts.  I feel a bit more in control.'

Year 9 pupil, Baldock, Herts.

'The programme helped me to feel more in control , reduced my anxiety and feel  empowered to meet any challenges. Now I'm  more relaxed  and calm it  has reduced some of the physical pains I was experiencing. it's the best thing I've done  in a long time.'

65yr old Hertfordshire

Weight Control - the 4 Point Approach

'I found the daily tips and affirmations really useful to keep me on track and reading and saying them first thing in the morning really worked for me as I started my day with a  more positive mindset.' 26 year old Hertfordshire