Empowerment Starts with You

Our client rooms are now located in  Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire for individual sessions. Some of our programmes such as the EPP ( for pupils/students)  and Stress Management corporate presentations, are  delivered as group sessions  at our clients' places of business. We are flexible in our approach and if you have a more convenient location where you would like us to attend, we would be happy to  explore that. Programmes can also be delivered remotely via , Skype , Zoom or telephone.

Nina, our practitioner has been registered with the CNHC (Complimentary and Natural Health Care Council) for a number years and also the General Hypnotherapy Society and as a member of both these well established bodies, adheres to their strict codes of conduct. She has a Masters Degree in Education, Advanced diploma in child development and has worked as a child counsellor for the charity Place2Be, a youth mentor, pastoral lead  and language tutor. These experiences have enhanced her therapeutic practice with pupils and young people especially when delivering the Education Performance  and stress management programmes   to young people in schools and individually.

As a Life skills practitioner she draws on her own wide and varied life experiences and training from psychological studies, people management, family life issues, conflict management, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy training.

She subscribes to the belief that no matter what the presenting issues,  ultimately the best approach is always a holistic one - mind, body, sleep, nutrition - as the foundation for any work.

Nina has created stress management and weight management programmes: 

Stress Management through Emotional Intelligence (EI) ; 

Weight Management, the 4 Point N.E.S.S. Approach. 

Nina has written articles on stress management and resilience in  children and young people ; she  recently created a self-help guided journal to equip children  and young adults with valuable life-skills and tools to promote their emotional well-being, which received excellent feedback from users.