Our Purpose

"A journey of 1,000 miles begins with a single step" - Confucius.

Maybe you're tired of feeling overwhelmed, not getting to where you want to be and enjoying the benefits  of your efforts?

 It's not your fault - Let us help you to feel more in control, grow in confidence that you can reach your goals and enjoy the many rewards that this will bring.

Our purpose is to help clients to use their unique, inner strengths and passion to take control of their lives.

Knowledge + Action = Power

Take advantage of our no obligation, initial telephone consultation. Give us a call  or send an email today, why wait? It's never too soon or too late, start where you are right now.

We offer  various life-enhancing  and holistic  programmes that are tailored to your individual needs, incorporating some  of the  approaches  below. 

Life Coaching


EPP (Educational Performance Programme)

Supporting Self Help Publications and audio recordings


 Stress management; 

Weight Control; Performance


ment; habit changes.

New: Hypnosis Meets Sports 

(Individual and teams)

Let us help you to discover Your Unique, Inner Strengths

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